Arriflex SR Super 16mm camera kit

Arriflex SR Super 16mm camera & SR3 B/W video assist, heated eyepiece
3x magazines
9" B/W field monitor 220V/12V
On board 5.8" monitor 12V, mini Magic Arm
Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm/ T1.8 prime lens, lens shade
Zeiss Distagon prime lens 9.5mm/ T1.3/ cf 8
"Zeiss Distagon prime lens 12mm/ T1.3/ cf 7"
Zeiss Distagon prime lens 16mm/ T1.3/ cf 10"
Zeiss Distagon prime lens 25mm/ T1.3/ cf 13"
Zeiss Planar prime lens 35mm/T1.3/ cf 1' 7'' (35mm prime)
Zeiss Planar prime lens 50mm/T1.4/ cf 2' 1'' (35mm prime)
Zeiss Planar prime lens 85mm/T2.1/ cf 3' (35mm prime)
Zeiss Vario Sonnar zoom lens 12-120/ T2.4/ cf 3'

Arriflex lightweight follow focus
Arriflex lightweight SR3 15mm rods, 50mm extensions
4x4" 2 tray; 4.5"; 138mm Chrosziel internal bellows mattebox, french flag, donuts
4x4" Filters 85B; 85BND0.3; 85BND0.6; 85BND0.9
4x4" Filters ND0.3; ND0.6; ND0.9; ND0.6GradH/E; ND0.6GradS/E
4x4" Filters White Promist 1/8; 1/4; 1/2; 1/1
4x4" Filters Coral 0.1; 0.3; 0.75; 1.2
4x4" Filter Yellow #84x4" Filter Red Enhancer
4x4" Filter Sunset #1
4 1/2" Filter Red #25
4 1/2" Filter Polarizer
4 1/2" Schneider split diopter +0.5
138mm Filter 81EF
Arriflex pistolgrip
Arriflex VSU (5-75fps)
"THE SHUTTER" roll bar eliminator; 3 preset frame rates ; time lapse capability
11-pin splitterbox
2x Arriflex 12V/4.1Ah on board battery
Arriflex on board battery charger
Arriflex on board battery connector
2x 12V block battery 44Ah
12V block battery charger
4x 4pin XLR straight battery cable 8' / 2.40m
1x 4pin XLR straight battery cable 16' / 5.0m
Sound Barney
Ronford Baker fluid head F4, 150mm bowl
Ronford Baker tripod short 150mm bowl
Ronford Baker tripod tall 150mm bowl
2x Ronford Baker aluminium spreader
Hihat 150mm bowl

All equipment is boxed.
2.5K HMI; Kinoflo (8x 55W); 4x 800W Redheads, 2x Arri 300W; Dedolight kit available.
Camera and magazines are regularly serviced by ARRI UK.

Lighting Equipment

HMI lighting
2.5K HMI (Sirio 2500 Daylight Mk2)
Magnetic ballast, 7m HMI cable extension

Tube kighting
Bowens Studiolight; 8x 55W; dimmable
9x 55W daylight tubes

FWM Studiolight; 6x 55W
7x 55W daylight tubes

4x 800W (open face)

ARRI lights
2x Arri Junior 300W (fresnels)

DEDO Lights
4x 100W Dedo 12V light, barndoors, filterholders
4x feather weight stands
1x 4-channel transformer
2x wallmounting brackets, G-clamp
4x 5m XLR cable
2x 10m XLR cable

1x Universal rolling tripod
1x Tripod 16mm, lang
6x tripod 052B (2.5m/ 8.5ft)
2x C-stands

Flag kit 90cm x 60cm
4x flag frames
3x black flags
2x silks
2x nets red
2x nets green

Lighting accessoiries
4x Magic arms
4x Knuckles
8x K-clamps
2x gaffer clamps
3x floor turtles
4x spigots 16x 125mm/ 4.5 inch
3x spigots 16x 65mm/ 4.5 inch
2x adapter brackets
4x polyboard forks

Cable extensions
6x 5m cable extensions;
3x 3way splitters
1x 25m cable drum

various china balls, 250W & 500W photofloods
various gels, croc clamps
black drapes
black wrap

All lamps are equiped with, spare bulbs and 16A connectors/adapters.

Nikon Equipment

Prime lenses
Nikkor 24/f2.8 AI
Nikkor 28/f2.8 AI
Nikkor 50/f1.4 NAI
Nikkor 55/f1.2 AI
Nikkor 85/f2 AI
Nikkor 105/f2.5 AI
Nikkor 135/f2.8 AIS

Zoom lenses
Nikkor 35-70/f3.5 AIS
Nikkor 28-70, 3.5-4.5 AF
Nikkor ED 80-200, f2.8 D AF

Yellow Y2
Orange G
Red 25
Red enhancer

Yellow Y48 Nikon
Red 25A
Red enhancer